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Bubble Gum Girl

April 24, 2016


Bubble Gum Girl BY DVPASSION

I know you are asking me, “What is a bubble gum girl?” Think about how we treat bubble gum. Bubble gum is great when you put it in your mouth but loses its flavor, its appeal, a couple of minutes later. The satisfaction it offers is fleeting. Well, bubble Gum girls don't listen or think; they simply act. They fall for any every one that will show them the least bit of attention. They don’t realize they will get discarded once the thrill is gone. Why are these ladies falling for every line/lie that comes out of these men’s mouths? Why are they allowing these men to dictate how they live their lives? As I often say: if this individual hasn't put a ring on your finger, why are you allowing them to have so much control over you and your life? Ladies you can't expect to come across a man in the lifestyle, fuck him and instantly be in a relationship with him when it’s convenient for him. Merely because he promises you the world, that doesn't mean he’s going to deliver. Because what happens when he leaves or doesn’t live up to his promises? You’ll be sitting around crying, “Woe is me.”

Stop being a Bubble Gum Girl. Learn how to DATE like an adult. Stop falling for every guy that shows you slightest bit of attention.

Guys are guilty of this too. You hear ladies say, “Oh I want a man.” But you don't know what to do with these women once you get them.

This is not aimed at anyone in particular. This comes from the posts I’ve seen on Facebook and experiences shared with me by the women I coach. THE LIFESTYLE HAS TO CHANGE, AND WE HAVE TO BE THE ONES TO CHANGE IT.